This artist maked my life.
Ciedric Massé,
beauty in heritage.

Sitting in front of the living room window, I see my little neighbour hopping merrily up to the car. A family outing is organized. At the age of 4, he grabbed the locked door handle, insisting with enthusiasm. Today, he wears his sister’s skirt on his head. He dreamed of having long hair. Ciedric has the DNA of and extrovert artist, assumed and radiant.

He will become a professionnal dancer at the National Ballet of Canada. A physical injury will force him to change his career path in his mid-30s. It is at this moment that chance will allow me to help him reorient himself, allowing us to develop a deep friendship.

Ciedric loves beauty. He excels in several arts including singing, decoration and dance. During our discussions, he enthusiastically comments on my photos and suggests that I sell my photos online. I collect his compliments with modesty, promising him to carry out such a project.

A year and a half later, Ciedric died suddenly of the effects of a devious illness. This departure overwhelmed me. In his memory, I am fulfilling my promise by selling my photos on-line. This project is being accelerated. I create a collection dedicated to him “Ciedric Danse”. The works presented are inspired by his style: bright and surprising.

Upon purchase of each photo in the “Ciedric Dance Collection”, a 5$ donation will be made to support the National Ballet of Canada Foundation, which supports the physical and mental well-being of dancers. Thank you in advance for your support.


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